Why Alive

The Alive software stack, combined with an autonomous rover vehicle, allows you to capture more data, from more jobsites, every day, empowering you to make informed decisions that affect project outcomes and profitability. Because rovers are not subject to the same regulations as aerial drones, users have the freedom to operate Alive autonomously every day during the hours when workers aren’t present. Rover autonomous vehicles powered by the Alive platform are a winning combination for today’s lean construction companies.

  • Drone-agnostic & hardware independent
  • Seamless, secure integration with all the drones and robots in your fleet
  • Easy to use, all-in-one edge computing solution
  • Manage, monitor, and control your entire fleet
  • 300+ preconfigured integrations
  • Safety, compliance and governance controls

Autonomous 360° Documentation

The Alive platform’s 360° progress photos solution is a first-of-its kind progress reporting tool for the interior of buildings that uses autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance and detection to navigate a job site floor by floor, even up staircases, to document the progress of your  project. Simply plan a route, plug in a 360° camera, and let a rover navigate your job site and capture the required data.

  •  Capture 360° progress photos to monitor project progress and workforce performance, as well as track assets such as construction equipment and building materials.
  • Eliminate the time, money, and manpower required to drive from site to site, then walk around each site taking progress photos; capture images from multiple job sites in less time than it would take human workers to photograph just one.
  • Data is stored historically for each zone; users can easily switch between timeframes, such as the previous day, week, or month, and resolve disputes regarding whether certain work has been done.



Precision Scanning Made Easy

3D reality capture scanning is transforming the construction industry, but it is processing-intensive and plagued by a shortage of skilled operators. Alive’s easy-to-use, cloud-based reality capture scanning solution uses advanced edge computing capabilities to solve both of these problems. Combined with a stable, rugged best-in-breed rover vehicle, the Alive platform allows users to autonomously laser-scan the interior of a job site and then compare 3D point clouds to virtual models using the platform’s back-end processing tools.

  • Create 3D point clouds throughout your project to monitor as built progress and ensure quality control.
  • Calculate exact measurements and conditions on your site so that you can build accurate 3D models to identify structural, design, and geological issues. 
  • Immediately identify differences in measurements between your specifications and what’s on the site so that you can prevent costly reworks.
  • Create a historical progress record for each zone to document what was done each day, week, or month; cloud-based software allows users to rapidly navigate through a floorplan by simply clicking on a spot to see a specific zone.


Workforce Automation

The Alive drone management software stack, paired with an autonomous rover vehicle, makes it simple to automate data capture and integrate it into your existing workflows. Our platform provides real-time monitoring of all vehicle and operator activity for your entire fleet, all easily managed from a simplified web-based interface. Our automated edge computing tools analyze and distill data from thousands of images in a matter of minutes, providing you with timely, actionable insights.

  • Capture data quickly and autonomously without having to add extra personnel to your teams.
  • Safely capture images from hard-to-reach areas and during adverse weather conditions.
  • Easily track progress, people, and equipment across multiple job sites; optimize your resources, reduce downtime, and keep your project on schedule and on budget.



Verification & Risk Mitigation

Don’t just spot-check; verify that all of your work was properly installed, demonstrate due diligence, and reduce your risks and potential liability by capturing time-series photos and as-built records throughout the entire project build. Alive makes it easy for you to digitally document your entire project from start to finish. Our autonomous 360° photo and scanning solution, combined with an autonomous rover vehicle, allows you to verify site conditions, confirm that milestones have been met, and keep everyone accountable every step of the way.

  • Easily and accurately capture every project milestone on every job site; determine tolerances, minimize risk, and document compliance and due diligence from start to finish.
  • Identify safety hazards; inaccurate or out-of-tolerance work, and potential design, structural, materials, or geological issues.
  • Avoid costly lawsuits, workers’ comp claims, reworks, overruns, and project failures.
  • Create historical records demonstrating due diligence and compliance for post-project analysis or to resolve disputes.