About Alive

When decades of hardware and software experience meet an insatiable curiosity for hobbyist drones and robots, the combination can only bring about extraordinary results. Fueled by experience and excitement,
when starting their journey Alive’s team had two goals in mind.

Let’s make our hobbies our career.
We don’t just work on robots and drones; we live and breathe them.

Let’s do what Apple did for the app market: Make it so that developers don’t
have to worry about hardware functionality and can focus solely on building
great applications.

Our Team

With a diverse group of people, hailing from different parts of the world Alive’s culture is one of think big, fail fast, learn and have fun while doing it. We challenge traditional models and believe an inspiring workplace brings out the best creativity in people and allows for the free thinking that changes the world. With hobbies ranging from racing quadcopters to competitive shooting or sometimes combining both, Alive’s culture and team passion is extraordinary.

Danny Rodriguez

CEO and Founder

Having lived through the early years of computers and being a maker at heart, Computer Science and Robotics was a destiny not just a career fit for Danny. Driving innovation across both software and hardware for more than 20 years he has worked for a variety of organizations across a number of industries. Having successfully helped these company’s surpass many of their goals, Danny set out to start his own software development company with the intent of ultimately becoming a robotics company. As Alive’s CEO and visionary he is ultimately responsible for shaping the direction of the Alive Software Platform, Vehicles and Machine Learning/AI.

  • B.S. Computer Science
  • MDC Successful Alumni

Jorge Puignau

VP of Operations and Co-Founder

As a 20 veteran in technology and an actual Air Force Veteran, Jorge has held numerous executive positions including Chief Technology Officer in addition to co-founding several companies including Acceller Inc. His current responsibilities include leading a team of full stack software developers, architects and the company’s technology platforms. Additionally, Jorge heads technical research and project/product lifecycle management.

  • B.S. Computer Science

Steven McKean

Corporate, Business Development and Co-Founder

With a passion to Create, Grow and Contribute Steven is responsible for corporate strategy and business development for Alive. Prior to Co-Founding Alive, Steven was Founder, CEO and Chairman of Acceller Inc. For 15 years he was the driving visionary behind the company’s unique comparison shopping and information platform for selling digital lifestyle services to consumers. Additionally, Steven holds multiple board seats, was a Senior Consultant for a Big 4 Public Accounting firm and proven success delivering impressive contributions to business growth and sustained profitability with top Fortune 500 companies.

  • BBA and MAcc in Accounting
  • Director of MCH,
  • UM Citizens Board
  • YPO Member
  • ZLEI Advisor
  • SFGF Director

Rolando Estrugo


Mr. Estrugo is a sector advisor to Animusoft Alive security, law enforcement and military solutions. With 28 years of experience with the United States Navy as a Naval Aviator and Unmanned Aerial System Mission Commander, Rolando’s expertise helps shape mission critical use cases and solution methodology.

His most recent Command was in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance in support of U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan, bringing real world “global experience” to Animusoft’s executive and specialist teams.

  • 28 Years’ Experience 
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering 
  • United States Navy Veteran

Adam T. Smith


Partner at Medina Capital, VP & Deputy General Counsel – Verizon/ Chief Legal Officer – Terremark at Verizon, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary at Terremark, Deputy General Counsel at Terremark, VP & Assistant General Counsel at Terremark, and Director of Electronic Commerce & Technology Law Group at Adorno & Yoss.

Arlene Greene

Business Development

Arlene has more than 30 years’ experience conceptualizing, launching and building startup companies.

Prior to Wing Power Energy, Arlene was co-founder and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for Acceller, Inc., an internet-based digital lifestyle services company. Prior to that, she was co-founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development for PrimeStreet Corporation, a venture backed internet technology services provider for the financial industry. She previously held significant technology and leadership positions during a 12 year tenure at Lotus Development Corporation, and was also Vice President of Technical Services at Strategic Information/Ziff Davis, and Group Manager of the Analytics Database Programming Group at Financial Times/Interactive Data Corporation.

Arlene holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Massachusetts and also holds a Massachusetts Certification in Secondary Education. She has also completed an Executive Management Program from Harvard Business School.


  • Gourmet cooking
  • Baking
  • Knitting
  • Reading non-fiction 


Paul Beirne

VP of Engineering

Anything is possible. This has been Paul’s driving mantra for over 18 years as a technology and operations strategist. With a focus on continuous innovation, automation and data driven intelligence he has helped drive efficiency and profitability across the enterprise in a variety of industries including manufacturing, medical, software, retail, hospitality and technology services. Solving business challenges and creating technology based answers is a passion for Paul and his solutions can be found all over The Americas at companies such as Jackson Memorial, Marlins Stadium, FIU, Broward Health, Kroll Ontrack, Sony, And Trump Hotels.

  • BS Computer Science
  • 18 years technology 


Tim Tilson

Head of Market Development

A big believer in the theory that your hustle needs to match your goals, Tim brings a wealth of energy, attitude and motivation to the Animusoft team leading the company’s strategic partnerships and market development initiatives.

As our Chief Hustler with over ten years’ experience in business development, advertising and public relations, his ability to develop and execute go-to market strategies helps Animusoft grow its presence among key stakeholders within a multitude of high-priority sectors. 

His role continues to expand within the company as he gladly takes on Mission Impossible-like initiatives and swings for the fences with every project he takes on. 

  • 10+ Years Business Development and Marketing Communications
  • BA, English – Florida State University


Karel Alvarez

Artist, Dreamer, Full Stack Senior Software and Hardware Developer

At age 6 Karel immediately knew his future when his uncle stated “you love video games, yes? Well, creating them is better than playing with them”. He proceeded to show him the programming language BASIC and he has never looked back since. Born in the eastern part of Cuba but migrating later to a larger city, Karel was lovingly influenced early by his University Professor parents with science, books and study habits. He holds a Bachelor degree in Automatics, being a mixture of robotics and computer science with a focus on industrial processes from one of Cuba’s largest University’s in Santa Clara. Karel burned both ends of candle with studies and a very active social life and sometimes went straight from a night filled with guitars and partying to class. Yet, top of the class he stayed and continues his dream from that moment of clarity at 6 to being a Software Developer at Animusoft.


  • Building and flying drones.
  • PC flight simulators.
  • 3D, animation and video production
  • Enjoying life
  • Beach lover
  • Family and friends


  • Favorite drone to fly: 250 class racing quads
  • Favorite Science Fiction movies: The Matrix, Terminator, Avatar

Didzan Oro

Senior Software Developer

Born in a small town in the city of Holguin, Cuba Didzan graduated with a Computer Science Engineering Degree from the University of Information Science in Havana. In moving to the US he obtained a Master’s Degree in IT Project Management at American InterContinental University (AIU). Didzan is married and currently lives in Miami, Florida where he is a Software Developer at Animusoft Corporation.


  • Breeding pigeons
  • TV/Movies
  • Drones
  • R/C Cars


  • Favorite Robot Movie: A.I (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Favorite Science Fiction Movie: Wall-E

Ernesto Pinal

Full Stack UAV/UGV System Engineer

Having a BS in Computer Science and currently a software developer with Animusoft, Ernesto’s passion for building, programming and flying drones and robots is unparalleled by any standards. He expresses this by “giving life to hardware”. With strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, he loves learning and being part of the team. Additionally, Ernesto works on artificial intelligence, computer vision and distributed programming. His work crosses paths with his personal life in building and flying drones.


  • Favorite Robot Movie: “I, Robot”
  • Favorite Drone to Fly: Customized FPV Race Quad – Cheerson CX-10

Michel Mora

Full Stack Senior Software and Hardware Developer

Michel is a software developer with UX design and extensive experience implementing large-scale applications across the entire development life cycle. His passion for software and hardware is in the nuances of bringing all of the pieces of both environments together where something desperate transforms into something new. His passion and love of our team work approach has resulted in building extraordinary things, though always finds time to have fun along the process. Happily married for several years with a beautiful young daughter who he claims “knows more about law than most lawyers is scary yet wonderful.”


  • Exercise
  • Zombie series shows and movies
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Reading technology news


  • Favorite Robot Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Drone to Fly: Cheerson cx-10
  • Favorite science fiction movie: Jurassic World, Avatar 

Frank Gonzalez

Senior Software Developer

Born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba and from a young age, Frank found a love of computers and saw his future early. Immediately following high school, he attended a specialized center for sciences IPVCE Federico Engels to continue his studies. Upon completion Frank entered the University of Informatics Sciences where he graduated as a Software Engineer. With a beautiful wife and wonderful family he lives by his personal belief: “I continue pursuing my dream, as the journey is the reward.”


  • Computer programming
  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Music lover


  • Favorite Movie Robot: The Iron Giant
  • Favorite Science Fiction Movie: Inception 2010 

Leonid Mendoza

Senior Software Engineer

Being extremely proud of being part of the Animusoft team, Leonid had a simple, happy life and childhood in Havana Cuba. He had an early interest in the sciences of math and computers which led him to a vocation based high school and strengthened his passion for computers. In following his desire to pursue a career in programming and software development Leonid attended the University of Havana for a degree in Computer Science.

After several years as a teacher in computer programming at the University of Informatics Science, Leonid decided to migrate to South Florida in 2014 to join the Animusoft team, where he is currently a Senior Software Developer working on the Alive drone and robotics software stack.


  • Movie buff
  • Loving every part of the web, tech news and YouTube junkie


  • Favorite Science Fiction Movie: Avatar
  • Favorite Movie Robot: Terminator

Champ Rodriguez

Head of Security

Champ Rodriguez joined Animusoft in the early days along side Daniel Rodriguez. With almost 70 years of experience in security, Champ has guarded against all intruders foreign and domestic ensuring our robot parts were secure and safe.

Champ and Daniel were destined to work together. Champ was first recruited fresh out of college based in Naples, FL. However he didn’t quite make the cut. Daniel revisited his resume 7 years later and decided to give him a chance. Champ went from rough to beginnings to a resourceful employee and faithful friend.

On his off time, Champ enjoys long walks on the beach, eating rocks, chasing girls, and sleeping.

Peanut Lopez

Secretary of the Interior

Recruited by Champ Rodriguez on the silky sands of the Florida Keys, Peanut Lopez joined Animusoft in 2015 to usher in a new era for the company. With almost 70 years of experience in interior delegations and negotiations, Peanut ensures the Animusoft engine is finely tuned and focused.

As it turns out, Peanut and Champ share a long history dating back before their birth. Their fore fathers originated from Ireland, Spain, Cuba and the Philippines. Their destiny was set long before these two met.

On his off time, Peanut enjoys boat rides, chasing girls on other boats, sleeping, and pooping while doing a hand stand.