Alive Software Stack

Alive SDK

Rid yourself from the underlying plumbing code and hardware nuances related to building robots and drone.

Alive SDK makes it simple for you to build customized software for your hardware by supporting popular hardware and common functionality required for robotics

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Alive OS

Imagine building robots and drones as simple as building a computer. Piece together the hardware you want to use, install an OS and hit the ground running.

Alive OS is built atop the Alive SDK coupled with a modern day operating system allowing you to quickly get up to speed and working now not later.

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Alive Apps

Today developers build applications for desktops, servers, phones and tablets. What if you could build apps for robots and drones?

Alive Apps are built using the Alive SDK and can be fully tested within our simulator. App Developers can build and sell these apps online for custom robot / drone applications.

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Professional Services

What good is a software platform without support? 

We offer various levels of support from the most basic to the uber extreme advanced. Email, Phone, training, documentation and tutorials are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Building robots and drones with the Alive?

Our team of skilled software engineers and computer scientists can help. We can augment your existing team with our own or be your entire team from start to finish.

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Looking to expand your skill set?

We offer various training avenues for you to pursue including free online documentation/tutorials/how-to’s for existing customers, offsite and onsite training.

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Alive is one of many creations from Animusoft. Animusoft harnesses the power of software to improve peoples lives.

We put ourselves in your shoes – we do what you do in order to determine how to make better software. We love to innovate and make software that makes sense!

Animusoft is a group of seasoned computer scientists, artists and engineers. We exist in the same group as our customers – technologist, students, engineers, hobbyists, artists, scientists as well as the average joe.

Animusoft is comprised of two words – animus and soft. The word Animus was chosen for its meaning in Latin representing the human soul or animated spirit. Soft was chosen represent a software company.


Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez CEO / Founder

Mr. Rodriguez is an Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist and Roboticist with substantial experience melding technology into the day to day world. Mr. Rodriguez has worked a wide range of organizations from small start ups to large corporations. With 20 years of hands on experience with software engineering he has helped many organizations achieve their goals.

  • 20 Years Experience
  • B.S. Computer Science
  • MDC Successful Alumni
  • Researcher in AI and Robotics

Jorge Puignau

Jorge Puignau VP Services / Co-Founder

Mr. Puignau is responsible for overseeing all research and development efforts from inception to completion. He leads a team of software professionals to support the needs of the organization and its customers. Throughout his career he has been Chief Technology Officer, Founder and Co-Founder of various companies such as Acceller Inc.

  • 20 Years Experience
  • B.S. Computer Science
  • US Air Force (E-4)

Steve McKean

Steve McKean Biz Dev / Co-Founder

Mr. McKean is responsbile for all corporate development efforts and overall business strategy for Animusoft. Prior to Co-Founding Animusoft, Mr. McKean was Founder / CEO / Chairman of Acceller Inc. He was the driving visionary behind the company’s unique comparison shopping and information platform for selling digital lifestyle services to consumers.

  • 20 Years Experience
  • BBA and MAcc in Accounting
  • Director of MCH, UM Citizens Board
  • YPO Member, ZLEI Advisor, SFGF Director


Do you like to tinker and explore? Do you consider yourself more than just a software programmer, developer, computer scientist, designer or whatever else you may go by?

The Animusoft team is an eclectic bunch from varying backgrounds. Yes many of them come from Computer Science. Many of those on our team have artistic abilities in music, art, writing and/or photography.

We look beyond the basic resume towards the person to see who you are now and what you may become in the future.


Hours Mon-Fri : 9AM – 6PM EST
Address   7093 SW 47 ST Miami, FL 33155
Phone 786-224-4599