Business Solutions


The Alive software stack, combined with an autonomous rover vehicle, allows you to capture more data, from more jobsites, more often, empowering you to make informed decisions that affect project outcomes and profitability. Rover autonomous vehicles powered by the Alive platform are a winning combination for today’s lean construction companies.




Government organizations and private-sector companies in a wide variety of industries and sectors must inspect, monitor projects, property, assets and infrastructure of all kinds. In some cases, the areas, items or assets that must be inspected are difficult to reach and/or pose serious hazards to human workers, making the Alive.Hover our aerial drone a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for these jobs.



 Precision Agriculture

Alive’s precision agriculture platform includes air and land-based solutions that farmers can use to significantly improve their farm security, output yields ultimately profitability. Alive’s best-in-class approach combines aerial field imagery with autonomous robotic ground scouting, delivering actionable intelligence that can be used to improve crop yields by up to 25%.




Government mandates, fueled by consumer demand, are driving companies and municipalities to spend billions of dollars a year on highway infrastructure and public transportation projects. Initiatives of this massive size and scope require innovative inspection and monitoring solutions that conform to government regulations, ensure safety and security, and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency. 




Utility companies spend millions of dollars a year inspecting, monitoring, mapping, and measuring their power lines and transmission towers, which are often located in hard-to-reach or highly populated areas. Using line crews to perform these inspections is costly, time-consuming, and dangerous, especially when the inspections must be conducted during adverse weather conditions.



Oil, Gas and Mining

The oil, gas, and mining industry is constantly evolving. Oil and gas companies must adapt to a continuous flow of new regulations, environmental challenges, collection process protocols, and safety requirements. Mining companies face rising production costs, stagnating gold and metals prices, and increasingly price-sensitive customers.




Civil security has never been as important as it is in our post-9/11 world. The police, military forces, border patrol agents, and other first responders must protect the public against terrorist attacks—in addition to responding to everyday crimes and natural disasters with a safer approach. 





Alive.Mind is a cloud based machine learning AI enabling user access through our Alive.Central dashboard and reporting engine. Alive.Mind collects video, photos and sensory data and leveraging its deep learning capabilities will distill the information into operational flight data and business insights that are important to you. Having been both fed millions of labeled data sets and ongoing collection and indexing of hundreds of millions of images, Alive.Mind uses our proprietary algorithms for continued learning across all of our industry solutions.



Alive’s operating system was designed from the ground up on a Linux kernel hardened to production level enterprise standards to ensure our drones and robots will safely and reliably operate at scale.


Unlike any other drone or robot software platform today, the Alive.DNA Framework has taken the “program to specific hardware functionality” out of the equation, allowing for shorter app development lifecycles.


Alive.Cells are Apps built utilizing Alive.DNA where – by you can quickly develop applications for your business.